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Dog Is Adorably Annoyed By Little Brother’s Tablet (VIDEO)

It’s rude to play on your phone or tablet and ignore company. It’s true of humans, and it’s true of dogs. That’s probably why this dog is so annoyed with her human little brother, who is so absorbed by technology that he’s not really paying the poor pooch any mind.

In this clip, Gemma the dog is annoyed in the most adorable way possible, as she tries everything she can to get the attention of her boy, Elliott. She licks the boy’s face, then starts licking his arm, and then, as a last resort, tries to snatch the iPad away from him! Well, either that or she’s trying to play with the tablet too. Either way, it’s a cute video that’s well worth checking out. Watch below:

Source: Attention-seeking dog jealous of iPad by peanutbutterpibble on Rumble

Dog Is Adorably Annoyed By Little Brother's Tablet (VIDEO)

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