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Dog Has Front Legs Hacked Off With Sword — Watch His Incredible Recovery (VIDEO)

There is evil in the world. That’s no real surprise, unfortunately. But the depth of evil that exists in this world never fails to be shocking. Case in point, a dog named Cola chewed a pair of shoes that belonged to a neighbor. Yet, despite Cola’s owner paying for the damage, the neighbor retaliated by hacking off Cola’s front legs with a sword. Worst of all: at the time, Cola was just nine months old. Actually, no, the worst part is that the offender only got one month in prison under the Animal Welfare Act. Then again, had he committed this crime just two years earlier, he likely would have walked away scot-free, since animal welfare laws are still gaining a foothold in America.

However, Cola has undergone an amazing transformation since this happened last May. He was taken to a specialist clinic in Bangkok, with the Soi Dog Foundation covering the expenses. Eventually, the clinic outfitted him with custom-made prosthetics. From there, Cola’s owner said goodbye to the dog, surrendering him to the car of the Soi Dog Foundation, since the owner was fearful of returning the dog to his old home. That said, Cola found a new home with Soi Dog co-founder Gill and husband John. Together with Gill, who also uses prosthetics after having lost both legs while rescuing a dog in 2004, Cola enjoys fun walks on the beach. Something which wouldn’t have been thought possible for the adorable dog a year ago. To donate in order to help with medical expenses for other dogs and to ensure that SDF’s Emergency Response Team can continue to rescue dogs like Cola, visit their official website here. And be sure to watch the inspirational video below:

Dog Has Front Legs Hacked Off With Sword -- Watch His Incredible Recovery (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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