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Dog Duo Steal Treats Like Bonnie And Clyde (VIDEO)

This clever dog duo sure know how to raid the kitchen counter for treats! Though it might looks like amazing cooperation, one of them apparently has the upper hand, LOL.

From Storyful: These sneaky little pups couldn’t have looked any cuter while they were up to no good! Partners in crime, Dunkin and Sassy, worked out the ultimate fix to reaching the biscuit treats. While Dunkin stood still, Sassy climbed onto his back and reached for the treats on the kitchen counter. Although the clever plan was implemented by the duo, Sassy seemed to be the mastermind behind their thievery, as all the treats were eaten by Sassy and poor Dunkin got none.

Source: Rumble

Source: Rumble

Press play to watch the video below.

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