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Dog Bravely Overcomes Fear of Carpets – So Funny! (VIDEO)

Just like people, some dogs have irrational fears. For some, it’s the vacuum cleaner. And for others, it’s the thing being vacuumed.

In this adorable video, one dog named Artie must overcome his fear of carpets. Why he’s afraid of stepping onto the carpet is anyone’s guess, but it takes a whole lot of coaxing to get Artie to even give it a shot. Of course, how he overcomes this fear is as hilarious as it is random. But we’ve gotta give it to Artie for being brave enough to just go for it. Lord knows, not everyone has it in them to overcome their fears (I’ve still never been on a rollercoaster!). Watch Artie bravely conquer the carpet in the video below:

Dog Bravely Overcomes Fear of Carpets - So Funny (VIDEO)

Cheers to Artie for showing the carpet who’s boss! Seriously, dogs are amazing.

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