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Dog Almost Dead In Gutter Rescued (VIDEO)

A dog was found drowning in a gutter full of sewage and rescuers arrived just in time to save her!

The heroes from Animal Aid Unlimited in India named her Phoenix which is only fitting. Please help this organization if you can. They been doing great work for years!

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

From YouTube: We got a call that a dog was laying in a sewage ditch. When our rescue team arrived they saw that she was only in a foot of water, but was actually in the process of drowning. Her nose dipped wearily into the water. Bubbles were emerging. If we had arrived even 5 minutes later, it’s possible she would have drowned. When we lifted her we could see that she had a completely fractured leg, hanging only by loose tissue. Maybe she had been hit by a car, was confused, lay in the water in a desperate effort to stop the bleeding or ease the pain. Once back in Animal Aid we determined that she was in shock–her pulse was weak and she was hypothermic. We feared we might lose her. She urgently needed an amputation but was too weak to withstand surgery. So we spent several days stabilizing her — a balancing act between strengthening her, and holding the infection and pain at bay. Her operation took place 3 days later and now — it’s like a miracle — meet Phoenix!

Press play to watch the video below.

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