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Dog Abandoned In Flood Gets Rescued by Good Samaritans (VIDEO)

Last month, a flood caused the evacuation of parts of Conway, South Carolina. In the process of the evacuation, a man named Alex Scroggins rescued a dog left behind in the chaos. Alex adopted the dog, and now Lucky is safe in his new home, with his new best friend and master. But how did the rescue happen?

A new video reveals just how the dog was saved, and how Alex and Lucky became bonded for life. It’s a harrowing tale that is, honestly, pretty emotional. I couldn’t imagine leaving a dog behind, much less MY dog, so I have no idea what Lucky’s previous owner was thinking. I guess the instinct for self-preservation rules all, but I’m glad there are still good Samaritans in the world, willing to save a helpless animal like Lucky. Watch the video below:

Dog Abandoned In Flood Gets Rescued by Good Samaritans (VIDEO)

Credit: The Sun News

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