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Does This Cat Have the Cutest Purr in the World? (VIDEO)

Tribble the cat is pretty darn cute, but does the twice-returned shelter feline have the cutest purr in the world?

If this YouTube video is to believed, yes he does. Listen closely and decide for yourself!

In addition to some adorable noises, the video also tells the sad story of Tribble, a 7-year-old male cat who was adopted by a loving owner after being returned to the same shelter twice.

Explained his new forever owner, “He was in the first home for three years before his owner died. Was returned to the shelter for a few months before being adopted by a family with four small children. They terrorized him for three or so years and he did not like that. He retaliated which did not please the mother. He was returned again.”

“One of the provisos of us adopting him was that he was going into a calm home. Tribble was their favourite cat in the shelter. He chirps like a cricket and is super friendly.”

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