Dodge Challenger Hellcat Sets World Record On Ice (VIDEO)

Driving on ice is a scary experience for some drivers. At the very least, it can be pretty tense. However, that isn’t the case for the driver of this Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

In this video, we see the full, extended version of the record-setting ice drive at Ă…rsunda Speed Weekend in Ă…rsunda, Sweden, as this Dodge Challenger Hellcat sets a world record on ice by reaching a top speed of 274 km/h and an average speed over 1 km of 261 km/h. The rules for the competition state that all vehicles have 1 km accelerating distance, after that the average speed is measured during 1 km, along with top speed during the run. It’s positively stunning how this driver essentially throws caution to the wind in the name of world record glory. Then again, doing this well requires a certain amount of caution that only comes from being really, really friggin’ good at driving. It’s that confidence that essentially allows this to happen: well, that and the functional reliability of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Granted, I’ve only driven one twice before, but I found it to be powerful yet responsive, heavy but relatively easy-handling. So while I’m surprised by this video, I suppose I’m really not that surprised. If nothing else, this video is proof that a 4488-pound car can be graceful as a…hell, just insert something graceful here. You can watch the video below:

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Sets World Record On Ice (VIDEO)

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