Doctor Who Series 9 Prologue: The Doctor Prepares to Face an ‘Enemy’ (VIDEO)

The prologue for Doctor Who Series 9 has been released, and the season is already off to a foreboding start. In this clip, The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) prepares for an upcoming face-to-face meeting with an enemy. But not just any enemy. It’s an enemy The Doctor has “known a long time.”

We’ll find out who this enemy is when Doctor Who returns next Saturday, September 19, with part one of the two-part series premiere, “The Magician’s Apprentice”. The following week’s episode, “The Witch’s Familiar”, will conclude the mysterious two-part story arc. Judging by the presence of Michelle Gomez in the cast list for the two-parter, we imagine the “enemy” the Doctor is referring to is likely The Master, although who knows? Gomez could be around for flashbacks, hallucinations, time travel silliness, whatever. I guess we’ll find out when Doctor Who, which also features the returning Jenna Coleman, returns for Series 9 next Saturday. Until then, watch the prologue video below:

Doctor Who Series 9 Prologue The Doctor Prepares to Face an 'Enemy' (VIDEO)

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