‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Is Coming — Get Your First Look! (VIDEO)

The Doctor Who Christmas Special is in the books for 2016, and now we can finally look ahead to Season 10 in the spring. Thankfully, we have our first look to help tide us over until the big premiere.

So what’s in store for The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) when the show returns? From the looks of it, we’ll not only be getting more space-themed adventures, we’ll also apparently be traveling through time a bit more, as we some clips of The Doctor and Bill dressed in Victorian garb. There are also Daleks, explosions, and even a Wilhelm scream. If nothing else, Bill seems like a fun companion, in between asking an excessive amount of questions. And Capaldi’s performance as The Doctor seems as confident and commanding as ever. So count me in! Watch the video below:

'Doctor Who' Season 10 Is Coming -- Get Your First Look! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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