DMX Accused Of Robbing Man At Newark Gas Station

DMX has been accused of robbing a man at a New Jersey gas station Sunday morning. Police said that a s 21-year-old man was robbed of $3,200 cash by DMX and his entourage.

From NY Daily News:

The victim told police that the conflict began after he recognized the rap star at the filling station on Highway 21 and the two began to talk about music

During the conversation, a member of the rapper’s entourage pulled out a gun, and demanded the victim’s money.

After the man pulled the huge wad of cash out of his pocket, DMX allegedly grabbed the money and fled in a fleet of four black Cadillac Escalades.

The man followed the caravan close enough to get the license plate number for one of the vehicles.

First of all, what kind of 21-year-old packs around a wad of $3,200 in cash in his pocket early in the morning?

I think this was a drug deal gone bad.

Photo Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

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