DJ Hodor is Hosting a ‘Rave of Thrones’ Tour

Long before he was Hodor on Game of Thrones, Kristian Nairn was a DJ in the Belfast club scene.

Now, thanks to his increased notoriety he’s DJ Hodor and will be spending his spare time before Season 5 begins filming by holding the Rave of Thrones tour.

Costumes required. Or rather, “Game of Thrones fancy dress” required.

DJ Hodor

Credit: Falcona

Sadly, the dress up party/rave scene will only be touring around Australian, but congratulations to everyone down under!

According to the press release, come August, Hodor of House Stark (inaccurate) will be showing off the deepest house music from all seven kingdoms because the night is dark and full of terrors (more accurate).

Tickets are on sale now, though as the website warns, “Be quick to avoid being as disappointed as Tywin Lannister at a farther-son picnic.”

Not cool guys. Not cool.

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