Disney Making Live-Action ‘The Sword In the Stone’ With ‘Game of Thrones’ Writer

So Disney hasn’t even let a week go by since they announced Genies, their live-action prequel to the 1992 animated musical Aladdin. And now, Disney is expanding its live-action remake plans even further.

Disney is developing a live-action remake of their 1963 animated classic The Sword in the Stone. And for this adaptation of the Arthurian legend, they’re reaching out to Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman. He made the announcement himself via Twitter, showing himself attempting to pull a sword from a stone at King Arthur’s Carousel at Disneyland. The caption for the photo? “Research” (which tells you pretty much everything you needed to know about his new job).

With credits that include the short-lived NBC series My Own Worst Enemy, Cogman has written some really solid episodes across all five seasons of Game of Thrones, including Season 1’s “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things”, Season 2’s “What Is Dead May Never Die”, Season 3’s “Kissed By Fire”, and Season 4’s “Oathkeeper” and “The Laws of Gods and Men” (the less said about Season 5’s “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”, the better, although “Kill the Boy” was pretty good).

Disney Making Live-Action 'The Sword In the Stone' With 'Game of Thrones' Writer

Credit: Disney

Based loosely on T.H. White’s book of the same name, The Sword In the Stone was part of a cycle of Arthurian novels known as The Once and Future King, and it wouldn’t be that surprising if the film ended up being closer to the book than the animated film, if for no other reason than audiences are generally more mature these days. I genuinely believe kids of this generation are stronger than they’re given credit for being. I think they can handle a darker story.

Naturally, this joins the towering list of live-action remakes and spinoffs in the works from Disney, such as Beauty and the Beast, Prince Charming, Mulan, Dumbo, Winnie The Pooh, and the aforementioned Genies. This is without even mentioning the films that kicked off this whole craze, Maleficent and Cinderella, both of which were huge box office hits for Disney. So I’d put money on Disney remaking their entire damn catalogue in live-action, at this point. And honestly? As long as the movies make money, I can’t say I would blame Disney for milking this cash cow, even if I don’t exactly love every idea.

But what do you think of the live-action remake of The Sword In the Stone? Sound off in the comments!

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