Disney Has Made a Robot Car That Climbs Walls! (VIDEO)

Technology is a wonderful thing. As if you needed any more evidence we’re living in the future, Disney has unveiled their new robot car that climbs walls!

Disney Research and ETH Zurich have teamed up for the prototype VertiGo robot, a tiny car that “uses two tilting propellers to drive up walls, adjusting its thrust to stick to the surface even if it has to travel over uneven surfaces like bricks,” according to AutoBlog. The propellers essentially allow the mini-car to give the ol’ middle finger to gravity. Of course, Disney hasn’t exactly given any indication when or if the VertiGo will be released to consumers, but this could be the next big thing among remote-controlled cars, to say nothing of its practical applications, such as reconnaissance for the military, its ability to reach inaccessible areas during rescue missions, and even its more mundane use as a potential way to deliver tools or other instruments to construction workers. Put simply, this thing is cool as hell. Check out the video of the VertiGo in action below:

Disney Has Made a Robot Car That Climbs Walls (VIDEO)

What do you think of the VertiGo? Is this something you or someone you know might want to own? Sound off in the comments!

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