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Disability Officer Wows With Beatles Classic on The X Factor Australia 2015 (VIDEO)

Disability officer “Panda” Justin Maher-Smith impressed the judges with his take on “Let It Be” by The Beatles on The X Factor Australia 2015!

I like Panda! More specifically, I liked this audition, and I’ll tell you why: you could see/hear Panda getting more confident as the song went on, and that confidence boosted the performance considerably. Basically, there’s something poignant about someone being nervous for an audition, and then discovering, “O.M.G., they like me!”, and just going for it from there. It’s an emotionally affecting thing to watch, particularly since the crowd was completely with him the entire time. Was it a perfect vocal? No. But audition vocals rarely ever are. That said, I would argue Panda is one to watch out for in the competition. Watch Panda’s audition video below:

Disability Officer Impresses With Beatles Classic on The X Factor Australia (VIDEO)

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