Dia Frampton Pens Emotional Letter About Life After ‘The Voice’

Dia Frampton was the runner-up of the first season of The Voice, competing for Team Blake, a decision she made after the break-up of the band she shared with her sister, Meg. However, Dia lost out to Team Adam’s Javier Colon in the finale. Regardless, she made her mark on the competition, and seemed to have a bright future in the music industry. Unfortunately, it seems the future ended up being less bright than Dia had anticipated.

In an emotional letter posted to social media, Dia explained the struggle of life after The Voice, the difficulty of breaking through in the music industry, and how hard it is to maintain passion for an industry that doesn’t really care about female artists after a certain age. It’s a heartbreaker of a letter, but it also illustrates Dia’s strength and resilience, as she refuses to give up.

Dia Frampton Pens Emotional Letter About Life After 'The Voice'

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It’s been five years since my last album came out. Five years. A lot can happen in a half a decade. Trust me.

I don’t even know where to begin, or what exactly I’m trying to say. But I do know that I want to at least say: I’m still here.

A year shy of thirty, I feel like I might as well be fifty when it comes to women in the music industry. If we’re not in our teens or early twenties, we’re pushed aside and put on the shelf.

I tried to reach “success” all my life, but now, I really don’t know exactly what “success” means.


Now, a couple of years later, I’m just a (almost) 29 year old musician who writes songs during the day and works selling sausages and waiting tables at a food stall in Grand Central Market in Los Angeles. Almost every hour someone will come up to me and it is the same thing every time. It is either:

A) Weren’t you that one singer on The Voice? Oh, cool… We voted for you… Do you work here?… Um… yeah, I’ll get the fries instead of salad.

B) Hey! I used to listen to Meg and Dia all the time. My brother and I used to love you guys! We used to jam your one song, what was it…it was like…uh…

C) Hey. Are you….Dia? Dia Frampton? What are you doing working here?


But in the end, I’m just a small town girl from Utah who loved to sing. And that girl is somewhere inside me still. I can feel her trying to get out and it breaks my heart.

I don’t know what will happen with this record. The damn mountain I’ve been trying to climb keeps fucking moving. I can’t keep up anymore. I’m tired. I just want to tell stories. I just want to be someone’s soundtrack. Put me on when you’re alone. I know how it feels. Put me on when you’re in love. I know that feeling too. And put me on when some one breaks your heart, because I’ve been there. When you’re happy, I’ll feel it, too.

This album took five years to make and I swear I’m giving you every last thing I’ve got.

I feel awful for Dia. I think she’s a genuine talent, and she really ought to have been a big deal after The Voice. But it feels like the show rarely ever backs any of its artists, leaving us with a show that rarely creates the type of international, headline-grabbing stars that other talent shows, like American Idol, The X Factor, and even America’s Got Talent, have created in the past. I’m sure there are plenty I’m absolutely spacing on, but the biggest successes I can think of off the top of my head are Cassadee Pope and Jordan Smith. For a show that is going into its 11th season, there really ought to be a better track record of star-making. But it feels like the show is far more about the coaches than about the talent.

I really hope Dia is able to get back on her feet in this industry, and find a way to make a living doing what she loves. I know that not all talented people get to live the dream in the way they deserve, but I’m really rooting for Dia to succeed. I can’t wait to buy her new album, considering I already have Red, which features two of my favorite post-Voice songs from a former finalist, “Trapeze” and “Hearts Out to Dry”. She’s got the talent, all she needs is the opportunity. Best of luck, Dia.

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