Determined Boy Finds Forever Homes For Rescue Dogs (VIDEO)

Project Freedom Ride has enlisted the help of Ronan McConn in finding new homes for rescued dogs. This little boy makes a convincing sales pitch! Hope the dog, Sadie, finds a forever home soon.

From Storyful: A little boy who has made helping rescue dogs his mission is helping out a special canine friend called Sadie who is in desperate need of her forever home. A video of Roman McConn was shared to the Facebook page for Project Freedom Ride on May 6, in which he sat with the dog called Sadie in her bed. As Sadie cuddled into him, he educated viewers about the dog, saying that that her new owner would need to be “very patient” because she is afraid of the leash, but she’s “super sweet.”

Source: Rumble
Source: Rumble

Great job Ronan!

Press play to watch the video below.