Deez Nuts: Your New 2016 Presidential Candidate

Say hello to the latest 2016 presidential hopeful: Deez Nuts — Deez Nuts for president! Finally. We’ve been trying to get Deez Nuts in office for years.

Currently, more than 512 individuals have filed their statements of candidacy through the Federal Election Commission, and Deez Nuts is among those fine, upstanding individuals.

He has a pretty good shot, he’s been a write-in on ballots for centuries.

Of the 512 registrants, there are 80 democrats, 127 republicans, 135 independents, 12 libertarians and 15 people who hold no party affiliation.

An independent, Deez Nuts will be running alongside fellow hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and a cat named Limberbutt McCubbins.

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