‘Deadpool’ Official Red Band Trailer Released (VIDEO)

The official trailer for Deadpool premiered on Conan last night, as Ryan Reynolds was Conan O’Brien’s guest on the show. The trailer for the R-rated comic book adaptation appears to be the same as the one that leaked at San Diego Comic Con last month, albeit with more completed effects and…well, the benefit of not being filmed using someone’s phone.

The very awesome, very NSFW red band trailer details the origin of Deadpool, as cancer-stricken Wade Wilson agrees to an experimental process that will both scar him and give him incredible abilities. What’s great is that Deadpool’s sense of humor is not only intact, it’s thriving thanks to the delightfully playful performance of Reynolds. Also, Deadpool’s violent streak is also intact — in fact, just saying so is a bit of an understatement, as there’s a lot of killer action in this trailer. Watch the full video below:

'Deadpool' Official Trailer Released (VIDEO)

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