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David Bowie Death Mix-Up Causes ‘UK Celebrity Big Brother’ Meltdown (VIDEO)

The death of David Bowie caused a huge meltdown on UK Celebrity Big Brother — but not for the reasons you might think.

Bowie’s ex-wife, Angela Bowie, is a member of the cast this season alongside former VH1 reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard. The pair became fast friends, but it appears that friendship is over due to the Bowie death announcement, as Pollard misunderstood what Angela was saying when she told her, “David’s dead.” You see, one of their fellow housemates this season is David Gest, ex-husband of Liza Minnelli. When Angela emotionally confided in Pollard that “David” had died, Pollard misunderstood her and believed she was talking about David Gest. Cue one of the biggest meltdowns in reality TV history, as Pollard flips out, tells her houseguests, and then goes positively nuclear when she discovers Gest is still alive. She then erroneously claims that Angela specifically told her “David GEST” had died, when Angela never said a last name to specify. It’s cringeworthy to the core, and a misunderstanding worthy of Shakespeare. It’s awful that Angela has to go through this, being made out to be public enemy #1 over a misunderstanding. But part of me wonders if David Bowie wouldn’t have gotten a slight kick out of this. Watch the video below:

David Bowie Death Misunderstanding Causes 'UK Celebrity Big Brother' Meltdown (VIDEO)

On the one hand, I get why Pollard was so upset. If you’re in a secluded house and one of your housemates is named David, you need to be more specific when you tell one of your other housemates that “David died”. On the other hand, if Pollard had stopped shouting like a lunatic for five seconds, maybe Angela would have specified who she meant. Then again, Angela had a number of opportunities to say “I mean David, my ex-husband. Calm down.” Of course, I could see how, in her grief, she might not have been thinking straight, which adds somewhat to the irony of Pollard becoming too grief-stricken to think straight herself. This was just a hot mess of epic proportions, really.

What did you think of the video? Who’s right/wrong? Is anybody? Sound off in the comments!

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