David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Suing Fox Over Withheld ‘Bones’ Profits

The stars of Bones are taking FOX to court.

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are joining executive producer Kathleen Reichs in suing FOX over withheld profits, with the argument being that “tens of millions” of dollars are owed to them.

“Bones’ longevity has made it a cash cow for Fox,” said the complaint, which was filed in L.A. Superior Court yesterday. Apparently, Deschanel and Boreanaz claim that their deal with Fox stipulated they were “each contractually entitled to a 3% share of Series profits.” Meanwhile, Reichs — upon whose novels the series is based — was supposed to earn a 5% share. All parties are claiming that those profits have been withheld. Deschanel, Boreanaz and Reichs are seeking “unspecified damages, a full accounting, a court order enforcing their contractual rights and a trust set up to disperse the money,” according to Deadline.

“Plaintiffs bring this action to enforce their rights to these payments that they are rightfully owed, which they estimate to collectively exceed tens of millions of dollars,” Deschanel, Boreanaz and Reichs declare in their lawsuit against 21st Century Fox, Fox Entertainment Group, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and Fox Broadcasting Company.

This lawsuit comes just days after executive producer Barry Josephson filed a similar complaint in L.A. Superior Court, claiming profit participation on FOX’s behalf, in addition to some questionable accounting on the network’s behalf. Josephson even claims that Fox used threats of cancellation as a means of intimidation.

“The documents that 20th TV did provide confirmed Plaintiffs’ suspicions and showed that they were being cheated out of more than $100 million in gross revenues and being overcharged many additional millions of dollars in alleged expenses,” the complaint adds. “When 20th TV finally did engage with Plaintiffs in the fifth and sixth seasons of the Series, it did so under the threat of cancelling the Series unless Plaintiffs accepted its non-negotiable license fee figure, and then concealed material information about the true value of that figure.”

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Suing Fox Over Withheld 'Bones' Profits

Credit: FOX

All in all, it’s looking like FOX is in deep water. It’s hard to imagine this won’t be the last season of Bones, considering the bad blood between the actors, EPs and the network. If this really is the end, it’s strange to see a show that lasted 11 seasons go out on such a harsh note. Then again, nothing is set in stone just yet.

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