David Archuleta

David Archuleta Deletes Anti-Gay Tweets After Backlash

David Archuleta has deleted anti-gay tweets he wrote over the weekend after backlash on the Internet. The former American Idol runner-up has issued an apology, but it didn't sound like he understood why people were angry in the first place.

His original tweet read, quoting someone from the Mormon church:

"Romantic love is incomplete. It is a prelude. Love is nourished by the coming of children, who spring from the fountain of love expressed between a man and woman in marriage."

In his apology, he thought people were angry because he split the tweet in two and the second one emphasized "expressed between a man and woman in marriage."

It now looks like he understood why his tweets were anti-gay (or was advised by someone) and he has deleted the tweets from his timeline.

David Archuleta Deletes Anti-Gay Tweets After Backlash

This is not related to David, just a passing thought:

It pains me that there are members of this church who believe this quotation wholeheartedly and set themselves up for misery for the rest of their lives. A gay or sterile man for example, cannot experience the "love" defined by this.

A gay man can also be faithful to a church and yet the very church he serves oppresses him. I cannot imagine the torture these men are going through, specially the younger ones, who think that there is no escape. Either they conform and live a lie for the rest of their lives or be ostracized. It's enough to drive someone insane.

One of the many reasons I have become an atheist by the way...