Danny Tidwell — The Nutcracker

Danny Tidwell

So You Think You Dance’s Danny Tidwell and Rasta Thomas in the Nutcracker

I text messaged Danny’s people (is that how I call them?) that I was in San Diego — and Danny Tidwell came out to see me after the show — sweet! I told him that it took me 14-hours to get to San Diego and then he gave me a perplexed look. I was very happy to see him in person. Am I really a crazed fan? Or am I just dedicated? I guess I’m just crazy-practical (or practically crazy) since I was going to California anyway so might as well see Danny Tidwell in a ballet!

The Nutcracker was 90% children prancing around on stage. There were couple of cute moments but not something to write home about. Sorry children — some of you were cuter than the others — and at some point I could not stand the cuteness.

At any rate, Danny Tidwell was onstage for maybe a total of 5 minutes — but they were of course magical. He played the Russian and did all kinds of leaps and somersaults. The audience went crazy — he got more applause than the other “star” Rasta Thomas. To any of those ballet companies out there looking for a guest dancer, book Danny Tidwell. He’s going to bring the audience in — even if its a ballet full of kids.

For some reason, either I was too mesmerized or decided to be a law abiding citizen that I didn’t take my video camera out during Danny’s solo. On hindsight maybe I should have, but you know, taking video/pictures in a theater is a dangerous occupation and I didn’t want to be dragged out of the theater. However, at the end, I couldn’t resist the temptation and I did take a few seconds of the ballet. LOL. Hopefully, it’s enough to take everyone to the moment. Too bad there’s no leaps and spins. But there’s still Danny with a cute hat.

Finally, I met BlakeLuver. Woohoo! I hope she sends me the picture we took together so I can post it here. BlakeLuver rocks! She said she was more excited to see me than Danny. *Blush*

Video clips:

Danny Tidwell

Danny Tidwell

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Danny Tidwell

SYTYCD Danny Tidwell