Danny Tidwell and Nick Lazzarini


Okay, someone died and went to heaven.

Here I am with two of my favorite dancers Danny Tidwell and Nick Lazzarini.

Movmnt Magazine sponsored a thank you party for
Danny Tidwell
in SOHO last night and Danny invited me! How cool is that? He’s just so awesome. Danny immediately recognized me when I walked in. That felt great. He told me that his favorite Idol this year is Sanjaya Malakar and his favorite dancer on SYTYCD is Neil Haskell! Hahaha. Awesome. I gave him a hug and all of that, and it was just so great. I can’t wait to see him again when he goes on tour. Danny thanked me for all the support we gave him from Day One. When I called it a night, Danny hailed me a cab! That was so sweet.

Nick Lazzarini is so cool in real life. He remembered me from two years ago! He said that the Season 1 contestants always visited during their season. We had a lengthy chat about the show this year. I told him Shane Sparks sucked. Also, Danny and Nick had been dancing together since they were 12 and belong to one school of dancing (along with Travis Wall who is in L.A. now). I joked that they were at war with that “other school of dance”. Nick is not doing anything right now, but I hope someone gives him a meaningful dance gig because he’s too talented not to be working. He said he turned down Chorus Line because that was not his thing, and was looking into more lyrical work.

Danny and Nick were born a few days apart: Danny on Aug. 1 and Nick on Aug. 4

Mario Spinetti whose song Delirious Danny danced to performed some songs during the party.

Danny Tidwell

Nick Lazzarini

Video clips:

Nick Lazzarini thanks fans

Danny Tidwell thanks fans

Danny Tidwell greets Sanjaya

Go Danny! Go Nick!

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