Daniel Bryan Retires from WWE In Emotional Farewell Speech (VIDEO)

It’s curtains on the career for former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, who announced his retirement in an emotional farewell speech on Raw on Monday night from Seattle.

In his farewell speech, Bryan talked about his passion for wrestling, and how he’s been a performer since the age of 18. He would go on to note all the amazing opportunities afforded him by his career, stating that he’s gotten to meet some incredible mentors, colleagues, and fans, including sick children who were stronger than he ever thought a person could be. Bryan choked back tears as he recalled the final time his father got to see him wrestle before passing away, and even talks about getting to meet his wife, Brie Bella. In addition, the speech touched on the reason for his retirement, namely, the amount of concussions he’s amassed over the course of his 16-year career. The fans were behind him throughout the segment, and it resulted in one of the most emotional goodbyes in WWE history, if not THE most emotional (it’s right up there with Ric Flair’s retirement, at least). Sure, there were moments of fun and levity (such as Bryan joking about how long Brie has been waiting for him to give her children), but this speech will likely be remembered most for how classy, heartfelt, and moving it managed to be over the course of its runtime. This was simply beautiful, and the less I say about it, the better, because you really need to watch this to feel its full impact. Watch the touching video below:

Daniel Bryan Retires from WWE In Emotional Farewell Speech (VIDEO)

Credit: WWE

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