Daniel Bryan Fights Back Tears After WWE Retirement: ‘I Didn’t Want To Say Goodbye’ (VIDEO)

Last night on Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan retired from WWE after a 16-year career. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion delivered a powerful farewell speech that ranked among the most emotional moments in wrestling history, as Bryan discussed his late father, inspirational children like Connor Michalek, and his own outstanding career, which included a passion for wrestling that carried him all the way to the main event of Wrestlemania 30, where he won the world title.

But after the goodbye speech, Bryan was still emotional, naturally. WWE cameras caught up with him backstage, as Bryan — with wife Brie Bella by his side for emotional support — discussed his retirement, fighting back tears. “I didn’t want to say goodbye,” Bryan noted in the interview. He also talked about how the sudden nature of his retirement will affect him, going forward, in addition to offering some interesting anecdotes about this whole retirement experience (in particular, he reveals that one WWE superstar had a pretty big cry with him backstage at Raw). Obviously, Bryan is going to be missed. But I’m just relieved that he got out before it was too late, if the amassed concussions really resulted in as much damage as the doctors said it did. Watch the heart-wrenching interview below:

Daniel Bryan Fights Back Tears After WWE Retirement 'I Didn't Want To Say Goodbye' (VIDEO)

For more on Daniel Bryan’s WWE retirement, watch his farewell speech from Monday Night Raw.

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