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‘Dancing With the Stars’ To Squeeze 12 Performances Into One Hour For Week Three

The upcoming Presidential Debates will seriously mess with the schedule for the new season of Dancing With the Stars, as producer Rob Wade confirms that week three of the competition will be a one-hour show.

In an interview with TV Guide, Wade notes that this one-hour show will be the most dancing ever featured in a single hour on TV.

“There’s a lot of [presidential] debates in the first few weeks of the season, so we’ve jumped around with our schedule a bit, which has left us in Week 3 with just a one-hour show instead of a two-hour show,” he says. “So we’ve had to create possibly one of the most impactful shows we’ve ever done. There will be 12 dances in one hour, the couples are going to have to face off against each other, so we’re going to pair them into six different powers. Never has more dancing been done in one hour of television!”

'Dancing With the Stars' To Squeeze 12 Performances Into One Hour For Week Three

Source: YouTube

That sounds like a logistical nightmare. The judges will have to rush through all of their critiques, and that’s if we even have judges at all that week. I could easily see the producers just saying, “To hell with it, no judging scores this week, just give viewers 100% of the power.”

This has the potential to be a crazy week, possibly the craziest in DWTS history. But it should be exciting, at least! And, barring that…well, at least it’ll be short.

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