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Dancing with the Stars Semi-Finals Recap: Judges vs. Judges (VIDEO)

Dancing with the Stars 20 recap for Monday, May 11, 2015 – the Semifinals! In a first, each judge coaches one of the four remaining couples and will be scored by the other three judges.

An exciting night for sure!

Dancing with the Stars Semifinals Recap- Judges vs. Judges (VIDEO)


Opening Number!

8:08 PM – Rumer and Val first with Demi Moore and Bruce Willis in the video package. Rumer says she’s a Southern girl!

8:18 PM – Two 10s for Rumer and Val!

8:29 PM – William Shatner is in Noah’s video package. Awesome.

8:33 PM – Noah proposed to his GF after the dance! I LOVE THIS!!!

8:42 PM – Riker next. I had no idea he was on Glee.

Perfect scores for Riker and Allison!

8:55 PM – Nastia now. Derek still injured so Sasha Farber will be her partner.

Perfect scores for Nastia and Sasha! Derek will dance in the next round.

9:11 PM – It’s Judges Choice time! So excited about this. The X Factor meets DWTS, woohoo!

9:21 PM – Rumer and Val dancing to Swan Lake! OMG I LOVED THIS!!!

Perfect score for Team Bruno Tonioli!

9:32 PM – Fantastic dance from Noah and Sharna for Team Carrie Ann Inaba!!!

Perfect score for Team Carrie Ann!

9:42 PM – Team Julianne Hough now with Riker and Allison and Julianne is dancing. WOW.

Perfect score for Team Julianne Hough!

9:52 PM – I’m crying already. Team Len Goodman now with Nastia and Derek.

So beautiful. I am in tears.

Perfect score for Team Len Goodman!


Round #1

Couple Dance Score
Noah & Sharna Viennese Waltz (Video) 36 (9-9-9-9)
Nastia & Sasha Quickstep (Video) 40 (10-10-10-10)
Riker & Allison Contemporary (Video) 40 (10-10-10-10)
Rumer & Val Viennese Waltz (Video) 38 (10-9-9-10)

Round #2 – Judges Choice

The judges have full creative control over on couple. The judges will judge each other. So exciting!

Couple Dance Score
Noah & Sharna Paso Doble (Video) 30 (10-10-10)
Nastia & Derek Viennese Waltz (Video) 30 (10-10-10)
Riker & Allison Argentine Tango (Video) 30 (10-10-10)
Rumer & Val Contemporary (Video) 30 (10-10-10)

We just had the best night on Dancing with the Stars in 20 seasons ever. Amazing. I love this show so much.

See you guys tomorrow for the results!

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