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Dancing with the Stars Results: Who Went Home on Latin Night – Week 3 (VIDEO)

Dancing with the Stars 20 results and recap for Week 3: Latin Night on Monday, March 30, 2015. Who went home tonight?

A second couple is eliminated as eleven couples dance Latin.

Dances tonight include: Samba, Rumba, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Paso Doble and Cha Cha Cha.

Here are the scores from last week:

Couple Week 2 Score
Chris & Witney Cha Cha Cha 21
Suzanne & Tony Jive 28
Charlotte & Keo Cha Cha Cha 26
Robert & Kym Foxtrot 28
Michael & Peta Foxtrot 28
Rumer & Val Cha Cha Cha 32
Willow & Mark Argentine Tango 32
Noah & Sharna Samba 27
Nastia & Derek Rumba 34
Riker & Allison Foxtrot 32
Patti & Artem Salsa 28

So who’s going home? I think maybe it’s time for Charlotte or Michael.

Dancing with the Stars Results- Who Went Home on Latin Night - Week 3 (VIDEO)

Live Blog Recap

Will post live updates as they happen. Discuss the show in the comments just like old times!

The opening number is choreographed by Mandy Moore.

8:10 PM – Rumer killing it out of the gate! Amaze!

8:17 PM – The stars make love to the universe! The judges did not like that routine at all.

8:26 PM – Oh, Michael and Peta and the spa… wait, Peta just weighs 100 pounds? Nice. Michael was off timing a lot times.

8:38 PM – Most improved pro really goes to Allison this year! Androgyny! Wow! NINES!

8:50 PM – Suzanne with the fruit hat!

8:59 PM – Let’s see if Chris can pull a comeback from last week… he did!

9:10 PM – OK let’s see how these lovebirds do. 🙂 Robert cried! Awww.

9:21 PM – Patti just said Bye Felicia, LOL. Hop Patti! Hop!

9:28 PM – OK worried for Willow in this behind the scenes preview. Cute fire and ice concept from Mark. Willow survived.

9:42 PM – Noah had decided not to use the arm this week. OMG, he lifted her with one arm. So amazing.

9:54 PM – Derek straight up shirtless.

Check out the results below:

Performance Videos and Scoring Table

Couple Dance Score Results
Rumer Willis & Val Chmerkovskiy Salsa (Video) 33 (8-9-8-8) SAFE
Charlotte McKinney & Keo Motsepe Rumba (Video) 22 (6-5-5-6) BOTTOM 3
Michael Sam & Peta Murgatroyd Salsa (Video) 24 (6-6-6-6) SAFE
Riker Lynch & Allison Holker Salsa (Video) 34 (9-7-9-9) SAFE
Suzanne Somers & Tony Dovolani Samba (Video) 25 (6-6-6-7) SAFE
Chris Soules & Witney Carson Argentine Tango (Video) 28 (7-7-7-7) BOTTOM 3
Robert Herjavec & Kym Johnson Rumba (Video) 29 (7-7-8-7) SAFE
Patti LaBelle & Artem Chigvintsev Cha Cha Cha (Video) 22 (6-5-5-6) SAFE
Willow Shields & Mark Ballas Paso Doble (Video) 32 (8-8-8-8) SAFE
Noah Galloway & Sharna Burgess Argentine Tango (Video) 30 (7-7-8-8) BOTTOM 3
Nastia Liukin & Derek Hough Samba (Video) 34 (9-8-9-8) SAFE

Week 3 Final Results

Noah and Sharna are safe!

Chris and Witney are safe!

Dancing with the Stars Results Bottom 2 Latin Night

And the couple with the lowest total score and leaving now is:

Charlotte McKinney and Keo Motsepe are eliminated from Dancing with the Stars!

Another early exit for Keo. Hope he comes back next season as a pro!

See you guys next week. Thanks for joining me!

Dancing with the Stars Results- Who Went Home on Latin Night

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