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Dancing With The Stars Results SHOCKER: Who Went Home On ‘Eras Night’ Week 7?

Dancing with the Stars 20 results tonight April 27, 2015! Week 7 saw one couple win immunity from elimination on “Eras Night” and one couple went home.

The planned double elimination was canceled. Tomorrow will be the taped 10th Anniversary Special. Next week will be the double elimination.

Derek Hough is not dancing tonight due to injury.


Dancing With The Stars Results- Who Went Home On 'Eras Night' Week 7

The couple with the highest score after their dance will win immunity from elimination. The rest of the couples go into a dance-off for extra points. Only one couple goes home.

8:01 PM – Really elegant opening number to “Anything Goes.”

8:03 PM – Riker and Allison go first with a baseball theme for their ’20s Quickstep. They got the first 10 from Len this season. Too bad the rest gave them 9s.

8:15 PM – Chris and Witney next. Can they build on their breakthrough week last week? Alas, they had the same score as last week for their ’40s Foxtrot.

8:24 PM – Bruce Willis does a cameo for Rumer and Val! “She makes me cry,” said Bruce. Here’s a clip:

So much drama now backstage with the couples getting tired and injured. Rumer and Val did a ’60s Jive but didn’t get the scores I thought they would.

8:44 PM – Noah and Sharna next with Amy Purdy helping out behind the scenes. They got a 10 from Carrie Ann for their ’70s Jazz. Really cool moves from Noah!

9:00 PM – Robert and Kym with “get a room dance of the night.” Really, get a room guys. They tied with Chris and Witney for low scores of the night so far with their ’80s Argentine Tango.

9:08 PM – Nastia and Sasha next with footage of Derek’s injury. Derek was a “backup” dancer during the routine! Andy Grammer sang live. They scored two 10s for their Modern Charleston. You could tell that Derek really wanted to dance.

9:26 PMNinja Jazz dance with Willow and Mark. I loved this.

The highest score is Nastia and Sasha! They win immunity!

Table of results and video links below, but first, the dance off!

Dancing With The Stars Results SHOCKER


Rules: Head to head battle for 2 extra points. The highest couple chooses who to dance against. Foxtrot, Salsa or Cha Cha Cha.

Riker and Allison choose to dance against Mark and Willow who choose Salsa as the dance.


“It was very very close,” said Len Goodman.


Carrie Ann: Willow and Mark
Len: Willow and Mark
Julianne: Willow and Mark
Bruno: Willow and Mark

+2 points for Willow and Mark!

Riker vs Willow

Noah and Sharna choose Robert and Kym who choose Cha Cha Cha.

“You both did a very good job,” said Bruno Tonioli.


Carrie Ann: Robert and Kym
Len: Noah and Sharna
Julianne: Noah and Sharna
Bruno: Robert and Kym

+ 2 points for Noah and Sharna (Len was the tie-breaker)

Noah vs Robert

By default it’s Rumer and Val vs. Chris and Witney with the Foxtrot.

“Both of you were fantastic,” said Carrie Ann.


Carrie Ann: Rumer and Val
Len: Rumer and Val
Julianne: Rumer and Val
Bruno: Rumer and Val

+2 points for Rumer and Val

Rumer vs Chris

And now the results!


Couple Dance Score Results
Noah Galloway & Sharna Burgess 70’s Jazz (Video) 36 (10-8-9-9) + 2 SAFE
Robert Herjavec & Kym Johnson 80’s Argentine Tango (Video) 31 (7-8-8-8) + 0 SAFE
Nastia Liukin & Sasha Farber Modern Charleston (Video) 38 (10-9-9-10) + 3 IMMUNITY
Riker Lynch & Allison Holker 20’s Quickstep (Video) 37 (9-10-9-9) + 0 SAFE
Willow Shields & Mark Ballas Futuristic Jazz (Video) 37 (9-9-9-10) + 2 IN JEOPARDY
Chris Soules & Witney Carson 40’s Foxtrot (Video) 31 (8-7-8-8) + 0 SAFE
Rumer Willis & Val Chmerkovskiy 60’s Jive (Video) 35 (8-9-9-9) + 2 IN JEOPARDY


DWTS Week 7 Bottom 2

Rumer and Val are safe!

And the couple with the lowest combined total on this seventh week of competition is…

Willow Shields and Mark Ballas are eliminated from Dancing with the Stars!


If Willow and Mark just scored two more points in their Ninja dance they could have gotten immunity. Omigosh.

I’m so hurt seeing Willow cry like this. She did an absolutely amazing job in both her dances tonight.

District 12 weeps!


Willow Shields Mark Ballas Eliminated

Tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary Special! Check out some preview photos: Lil Kim is unrecognizable!

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