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Dancing with the Stars Results SHOCKER! Top 3 Revealed – 05/12/2015

Who went home on Dancing with the Stars tonight? The Top 3 was revealed on Tuesday after one couple was eliminated on an emotional night.

Rickey.org readers picked Noah Galloway to go home in our poll. Will they be correct again?

In my book, it’s still close. Anything can happen tonight!

Dancing with the Stars Results- Top 3 Revealed - 05:12:2015


Reliving last night’s marriage proposal with Noah and fiancĂ©e.

8:07 PM – Noah and Sharna are in jeopardy!

8:11 PM – OK some American performance which I personally do not understand, LOL.

Jessie Kinch DWTS

Oh that’s the guy who won Rising Star! Jessie Kinch!

8:17 PM – Riker and Allison are in the FINALS!!!

8:22 PM – Sasha and Emma with a dance number through the decades.

8:25 PM – Not going to lie, this lookback at last night’s Nastia and Len dance has made me so emotional again!

8:26 PM – Nastia and Derek are in jeopardy!

8:28 PM – Performance: Female Pros! “The women of Dancing with the Stars!”

8:36 PM – Flo Rida performs!

8:40 PM – “I’m wearing (the jockstrap) and it doesn’t feel good!” said Val. Hahahaha.

8:41 PM – Rumer and Val are in jeopardy!

OMG what kind of sorcery? Are we going to get a shocker tonight??? I won’t be able to handle it!

8:49 PM – Performance: “Gotta Be Me” from the cast of “Teen Beach 2” with Riker’s bro!


Noah and Sharna are safe!!!

Dancing with the Stars Results Bottom 2 Shocker

Rumer and Val are safe!!!

And the couple with the lowest total and leaving tonight is…

Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough are eliminated from Dancing with the Stars!

Dancing with the Stars Results SHOCKER

I’m shocked! Shocked!

See you guys next week! What a season! I love this show so much!!!

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