Dancing Dads Make ‘America’s Got Talent’ History for All the Wrong Reasons (VIDEO)

Dancing group Daditude! became the first live show act in America’s Got Talent history to receive the dreaded four Xs!

This may have been the most awkward moment in AGT live show history, and I didn’t even think this was all that bad! But apparently, the judges did. I felt terrible for Daditude! because it seemed like Howard and Howie buzzed them right away, and although Mel B and Heidi gave them a chance to recover, these guys just didn’t seem into this performance at ALL after those first Xs. They ARE talented, in my opinion, but this was just an awful night for them. But what do you think? Watch the video below:

Dancing Dads Bomb on America's Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Judges: Howard said the guys got a second shot, but they didn’t look that into it. He says this was like something for a wedding, and that they didn’t become competitive enough. Heidi said they weren’t in sync, which isn’t excusable when we’ve just seen a group of thirty-some people onstage who were. Mel B says it’s a shame, since she likes these guys, but she feels they were really under-rehearsed. Howie looks for the silver lining, saying that the DeLorean onstage shows how difficult it is to find a parking spot in New York City.

But what did you think of Daditude? Sound off in the comments!

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