Dana White Confirms Conor McGregor Out of UFC For 10 Months

Conor McGregor made it clear before UFC 205 that he would be taking a break, regardless of the outcome of his fight with Eddie Alvarez. Initially, it was expected McGregor would only be gone until May, after his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, gave birth to their first child. However, UFC president Dana White has confirmed that McGregor will be out far longer than many fans were probably anticipating.

In an interview on FOX Sports Live, while addressing McGregor’s celebratory tour with his two title belts (despite having been stripped of the featherweight title), White stated that McGregor will return in the second half of 2017.

“That’s who Conor is, that’s how Conor is. Conor is the best. He’s got no fights, he’s taking 10 months off, he’s having a baby and everybody’s still talking about him,” White said. “He’s the best at it. Nobody’s better.”

Dana White Confirms Conor McGregor Out of UFC For 10 Months

Source: YouTube

This would put McGregor’s return in Fall 2017, a long time for UFC to go without the monster buyrates McGregor’s fights virtually guarantee. It’s also a long time for the lightweight division to go without a proper title defense, which is why we’re likely to get a fight for an interim lightweight title sooner rather than later.

As crazy as a ten-month break sounds, it makes a certain kind of sense. McGregor doesn’t want to put his pregnant girlfriend through the stress of his fights, which would put him out until May, but he also wants to spend some time with the newborn baby as well. So he’s essentially taking his paternity leave after May. I’m not saying it’s great for business or anything, but simply that this is how McGregor is likely viewing the situation, which is why he probably doesn’t view it as such a big deal to be taking so much time off. Granted, for as great as McGregor is, I really don’t think there’s anyone who’s so good at their job that they deserve nearly a full year off.

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