Damon Wayans: Comments About Cosby Victims Being ‘Unrapeable’ Were Misconstrued (VIDEO)

During a recent radio interview with the Breakfast Club on 105.1, comedian Damon Wayans decided to defend accused rapist and admitted woman drugger Bill Cosby when asked what advice he would give the actor.

As Wayans disturbingly explained on the air (transcript below), the victims are just running a “money hustle.” Furthermore, Cosby couldn’t have raped them because “some of them really is unrapeable.”

Continued Wayans, “I look at them and go, ‘No. You don’t want that. Get outta here.”

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the backlash was swift and fierce. Wayans would later explain that his comments were “twisted” by the public and you should listen to the whole interview before joining the “witch hunt.”

In the interest of fairness, you can hear the entire interview above (the Cosby stuff starts at 26:07) and not just the seven second clips Wayans has been posting on Twitter which portray him in a better light.

We have also included a transcript of the interview below.

Tell the truth. If I was him, I would divorce my wife, wink wink, give her all my money, and then I would go to a deposition, I’d light up one of them three-hour cigars, I’d have me some wine and maybe a Quaalude, and I would just go off, because I don’t believe that he was raping, I think he was in relationships with all of them and then he’s like, ‘You know what, at 78 it don’t work no more. I can’t get it up for any of y’all. Bye, bitches.’ And now they’re like, ‘Oh, really? Rape.’

Listen, how big is his penis that it give you amnesia for 40 years?

If you listen to them talk they go, ‘Well, the first time.’ The first time? Bitch, how many times did it happen? Just listen to what they’re saying.

And some of them really is unrapeable. I look at them and go, ‘No. You don’t want that. Get out of here.’

Look, I understand fame. I’ve lived it. Women will throw themselves at you. They just want be in your presence. There’s some that innocently will come up there [to your room], but not 40-something women. They’re not that naive.

If it was my daughter, then I would have killed Bill Cosby … But being just sit back looking at it, I just don’t believe this. I think it’s a money hustle.

For them, my heart goes out for them. For anybody who was raped by Bill Cosby, I’m sorry and I hope you get justice. You other bitches, look ‘He gave me two pills.’  … That was the drug of choice … People do that to get in the mood. …What’s the joy of banging somebody who’s asleep?

I wouldn’t want to be [Hannibal Burress] to take down my hero. I think we need heroes and I think that we need to be more supportive until we know for sure for sure, because ain’t no charges against him. Innocent until proven guilty.

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