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Dalton Rapattoni Says Goodbye With ‘Strike a Match’ on American Idol 2016 Finale (VIDEO)

Dalton Rapattoni performed his potential winner’s single, “Strike a Match”, on the American Idol 2016 Finale on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

Sadly, this ended up being Dalton’s swan song, as he was eliminated and sent home in third place after round one of the finale. But it was a pretty good moment to go out on. In his pre-performance video, Dalton talks about being a fan of Idol all his life. However, he wasn’t planning on auditioning until his dad bought him a plane ticket and basically told him, “This is the last season. You’re doing this.” And Dalton’s glad his dad convinced him. We get to see his showcase audition from Dallas for producers, and then watch him record his winner’s single. It’s a really cool little video. Dalton’s single is titled “Strike a Match”, and while it doesn’t sound like a winner’s single, it’s a great song for his post-Idol career. You can watch the performance video below:

Dalton Rapattoni Says Goodbye With 'Strike a Match' on American Idol 2016 Finale (VIDEO)

Download: Dalton Rapattoni, “Strike a Match”

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