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Dachshund Laughs Like a Human When Tickled – Adorable! (VIDEO)

You ever hear a dog laugh like a person? Okay, maybe it’s not the same “ha ha” laughter that you might here from someone watching an episode of Archer, but there’s a certain musicality to laughter that transcends species. Put simply, a dog’s laugh, if we can even call it that, can be every bit as infectious and joyful as a human’s.

Look at the case of the Dachshund, who undergoes a case of the giggle-fits after being tickled during a belly rub. For such a tiny dog, this Dachshund has a high-pitched, giddy laugh that has us wondering if he’s been swallowing helium behind his owner’s back. Regardless, there’s something unmistakably adorable about a good sense of humor. Here’s to the laughing Dachshund. Watch the full video below:

Dachshund Laughs Like a Human When Tickled! (VIDEO)

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