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Cute Huskies Are Up To No Good While Owners Are Away (VIDEO)

A dog misbehaving can be cute, but only when it’s not your dog doing the misbehaving. For instance, this delightfully ridiculous video in which two huskies, named Serenity and Lestet, let their baser instincts overcome their desire to obey the rules.

Although the two dogs are never allowed on the couch, it doesn’t take long for rules to start getting broken left and right. Apparently, as the owners state in the video’s description, they couldn’t figure out who’d been destroying their house while they were away. But the video evidence pretty much speaks for itself. On the one hand, cute huskies! On the other hand, bad dogs! Granted, while Serenity does initially join in, she thinks better of it and scolds Lestet. It’s an interesting dynamic these two have, actually. Watch it all unfold below:

Cute Huskies Get Up To No Good While Owners Are Away! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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