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‘Cute Dogs Putting Babies to Bed’ Compilation Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEO)

Babies tend to like being tucked in by their parents. But sometimes, those kids form very special relationships with the family dog. And such a special bond means a kid will be cool with the dog playing part every once in a while. Case in point, this compilation of babies being tucked in by their dogs.

This is an absolutely adorable video, all the more so for the amount of care that the dogs are putting into their task. Considering they don’t have hands, the dogs are incredibly gentle with these kids. It’s the kind of thing that can melt your heart. It’s the perfect thing to temporarily distract from the manic stresses of Black Friday shopping (since I would imagine there are going to be some really long lines. REALLY long lines!). Watch the full video below:

'Cute Dogs Putting Babies to Bed' Compilation Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEO)

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