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Cute Cat Learns How to Eat a Banana – It’s Snack Time! (VIDEO)

When you think animals who love bananas, cats probably don’t come to mind immediately. But despite the persnickety nature of cats, a sweet yellow treat is something anyone can enjoy.

Of course, for Mao the Cat, learning how to actually eat a banana is an adventure in itself. Is it like a lollipop you lick? Or do you just munch on it like any other treat? You can almost see Mao’s thought process here, resulting in a video that’s not just adorable, but pretty humorous as well.

Check out Mao the Cat’s snack time below:

Cute Cat Learns How to Eat a Banana - It's Snack Time! (VIDEO)

Just watching this makes me hungry! Granted, that’s probably because I haven’t had breakfast yet, but Mao simply makes this look so damn appetizing.

But what do you think of the video? Sound off in the comments!

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