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Cute Cat Gets Wake-Up Call From BFF Bird – So Precious! (VIDEO)

Cartoon characters like Sylvester & Tweety would have you believe cats and birds hate each other. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Some cats and bird get along famously!

Case in point, this video, in which a cute cat gets a wake-up call from his BFF – a bird (more specifically, a budgie). The little budgie makes some sweet sounds to ease the cat into alertness, rather than making a bunch of racket and forcing the feline awake. Granted, the cat definitely seems like he’d rather hit the snooze button. But he eventually comes around on getting up. He even plays with the bird a bit, albeit while still laying down, because I suppose it takes a while for a cat to truly wake up. (Not that different from me, actually.) It’s an endearing, precious scene that’s definitely worth checking out. Watch the video below:

Cute Cat Gets Wake-Up Call From BFF Bird - So Precious! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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