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Cute Bear Cub Plays With Surfboard In Swimming Pool (VIDEO)

Riding a surfboard is tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hell, even professionals occasionally have a difficult time navigating the waters on their surfboard. But just because humans can have a hard time with it doesn’t mean animals can’t at least try!

In this video, we meet Carl Bovard, a Melrose, Florida native who runs the Single Vision animal shelter. Two of his youngest animals are a Florida Black Bear and a Syrian Brown Bear named Honey and Bruiser, respectively. At the time this video was shot (nearly two years ago), the bears were just four months old, and still being bottle fed. But that didn’t stop Carl from giving them some fun exercise in a swimming pool, as one of the bears plays with a surfboard like he’s been doing it for years! Watch the cute video below:

Cute Bear Cub Plays With Surfboard In Swimming Pool (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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