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Curious Cat Meets 50 Adorable Dogs at a Dog Show! (VIDEO)

It’s fun to meet new friends! Especially when you get to meet a bunch of them at once. Sure, the old saying is that curiosity killed the cat. But in this case, curiosity resulted in this cat making a boatload of new, four-legged friends!

In this video, Boomer the Bengal cat was taken to a dog show by his owner, a professional trainer. His owner taught him how to walk around on a leash and greet other animals. While you’d think the cat wouldn’t get along so well with all the other pups, but he’s actually a pretty big hit at the dog show! It’s an awesome clip that shows animals not only getting along, but having a blast together! I’m allergic to cats, but I love watching them be cute, all the same! Especially when mixed in with dogs, who are pretty much my favorite. Watch the cute video below:

Curious Cat Meets 50 Adorable Dogs at a Dog Show! (VIDEO)

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