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Cuddly Puppy Battles Doorstopper In World’s Cutest Fight (VIDEO)

Humans take doorstoppers for granted. Do you know how many walls would be ruined from slammed doors without those little springy, boingy things? Of course, humans aren’t alone in their apparent ambivalence towards doorstoppers. Take Mango, for instance. This adorable little cavachon puppy recently found himself locked in a tireless battle against a doorstopper.

In this video, the cute, cuddly pup goes one-on-one with the doorstopper, becoming frustrated when the bouncy device proves capable of withstanding all his bites and strikes, snapping right back into place like nothing happened at all. Mango’s frustration results in a lot of growling, some barking, and generally a lot of cuteness. Watch the amusing video below:

Cuddly Puppy Battles Doorstopper In World's Cutest Fight (VIDEO)

Don’t worry, Mango. I had the same reaction when I was a kid!

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