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Cryptic Tweet Hints Luke Pell Was Supposed To Be The Bachelor 2017

On Tuesday night, it was announced that Nick Viall would be The Bachelor 2017. But a cryptic tweet from one of the frontrunners hints at the possibility that someone else was initially intended for the role.

A lot of fans expected Luke Pell to be announced as The Bachelor for Season 21, and his tweet following the Nick announcement suggested that he was expecting to be, as well.

“Thx for all the love sometimes we are faced w/unexpected changes I’m happy to be back in Nash excited for the future,” he tweeted.

I don’t necessarily believe that Luke was ever told he was going to be The Bachelor, but then, producers have swerved candidates in the past. Case in point, Caila Quinn was initially set to be The Bachelorette this year, only for the producers to change their minds at the last minute and go with JoJo Fletcher. Apparently, they felt JoJo had the more compelling storyline of the two. Similarly, Arie Luyendyk Jr. was the person the producers wanted for The Bachelor 2015, but new executives at ABC got cold feet at the last minute due to Arie having not been on television in the past two years. So they went with Chris Soules instead. And we all know how that turned out.

Cryptic Tweet Hints Luke Pell Was Supposed To Be The Bachelor 2017

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But producer Mike Fleiss’s clues, in retrospect, are all much easier to view as references to Nick rather than Luke, from his nickname of “Yoda” to his midwestern affinity for tuna casserole, right down to his record-setting track and field career in college. Secondly, Luke nearly being The Bachelor flies in the face of what Chris Harrison told People Magazine, which is that Nick was always the guy. And while lying in entertainment is pretty much a given, I’m not sure why ABC would even send Chris Harrison out to do interviews about the casting process if all he’s going to do is spin a fabricated story. Lastly, Luke being The Bachelor only to have it ripped away at the 11th hour doesn’t make sense in context of what we learned from Bachelor spoiler guru Reality Steve, who has connections within the actual Bachelor selection process. Granted, Nick being chosen was a huge shock to him, but he knew that it was a possibility.

Reality Steve explains his theory on what happened with Luke and other potential candidate Chase McNary:

The bottom line is I don’t know what happened in regards to Luke, nor does anyone else but him. And I doubt he’s going to give an interview about it. Here’s my take: I don’t think he turned it down. I don’t think Chase turned it down. They interviewed all three guys, all three guys had meetings with producers, and they ultimately decided on Nick. Their decision to make, plenty of people are talking about it, plenty of people love it, plenty of people hate it – but they’re talking about it. Huge buzz around it and that’s all they care about. I think people are reading waaaaay too much into any behind the scenes shenanigans regarding this, and possibly screwing over Luke and Chase. They didn’t. They always interview more than one person every season, and they always have more than one person believing every season it could be them. This was no different. But I honestly don’t think they sat Luke down, said “Yes, you’re our Bachelor, sign here,” then changed their mind. Luke was a finalist. Chase was a finalist. Nick was a finalist. It was between those three. They chose Nick because they can and we’ll watch. Simple as that. Conspiracy theorists save your breath. There wasn’t any.

So there you have it. Was Luke in the running to be The Bachelor? Absolutely. But whether it was ever supposed to be Luke or not, the fact remains that Nick is now The Bachelor for 2017. With that having been said, Nick coming back to be The Bachelor a full year after losing The Bachelorette should inspire hope for Luke’s fans that their favorite might come back to headline his own season one day. Sure, Nick was a bit of a special circumstance, since he hasn’t been off TV for two years like, say, Arie was when he was being considered. But it feels like anything is possible now. Hell, they cast a guy who’s STILL on Bachelor In Paradise, and announced it before the season even ended! The game is changing, and I like the unpredictability.

But what do you think? Would Luke Pell have been a better choice for The Bachelor? Sound off in the comments!

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