Croatia Okays Controversial ‘Game of Thrones’ Church Nude Scene Filming

It looks like we’ll be seeing Lena Headey in the nude as Cersei Lannister after all. A controversial scene in the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones is expected to depict Cersei nude in front of a church on the streets of King’s Landing, a filming requirement that has caused a bit of an issue in that the production had to find a church that would allow it.

Thankfully, Croatia came to the rescue by giving the okay to Game of Thrones, allowing them to film the nude scene at the Church of St. Nicholas — as long as she doesn’t actually set foot inside the church.

This is a reversal of the Croatian film commission’s initial ruling banning the production from filming the scene at the Church of St. Nicholas. But money talks, and since it’s incredibly lucrative to the local economy to have a show the magnitude of Game of Thrones filming in the area, the film commission made an exception. The production also doesn’t seem to mind compromising, as the Game of Thrones team will construct a fake church set for the actual church scenes themselves. Of course, whether a fake church or a real church, things generally don’t go well for Cersei when she sets foot on holy ground, and we don’t expect that will change in Season 5.

Via: TMZ

Croatia Okays Controversial 'Game of Thrones' Church Nude Scene

Credit: HBO

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