Cristiano Ronaldo Surprises Earthquake Victim With Signed Jersey

Let it never be said that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t care about his fans, particularly those affected by hardship. The soccer star reached out to 13-year-old Jetin Shrestha, a big fan of Ronaldo’s who is one of the survivors of the recent Nepal earthquake. The earthquake killed over 9,000 people back in April, leaving absolute devastation in its wake.

Ronaldo sent a signed jersey to Jetin, inscribed with the words, “Jetin be strong, best wishes. Cristiano Ronaldo”. The soccer superstar sent the shirt after he was contacted through his agent by photographer Omar Havana and Portuguese journalist Magarida Mota, both of whom covered Jetin’s story. Apparently, Jetin had been playing soccer at the time of the earthquake, but continued to play as soon as the ground stopped shaking.

“I love Cristiano Ronaldo, I love Real Madrid,” Jetin declared. “One day I would love to also play for Real Madrid, because I love football.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Surprises Earthquake Victim With Signed Shirt

Jetin being presented with shirt by school officials.

Cristiano Ronaldo sends shirt to Jetin Shrestha

Jetin shows off his Cristiano jersey in style.

Here’s hoping he gets that chance some day. But until then, we’re guessing Cristiano Ronaldo will continue to hold down the fort as one of THE most awesome guys in all of professional sports.

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