Crazed Fan Tries To Attack Seth Rollins on WWE Raw (VIDEO)

When you’re a WWE superstar performing in front of a live crowd, you occasionally have to put up with fans trying to test you. Sometimes, the fans make it all the way to the ring. Other times, security stops them before they can do any real damage. We got the latter incident on WWE Raw last night, and a video has revealed the entire ugly ordeal as a fan tried to attack former WWE champion Seth Rollins.

Prior to the attempted attack, Seth Rollins called out “The Demon King” Finn Balor for a showdown into the ring. On TV, we got some tight camera shots to hide the presence of the fan jumping the rail, running in the ring, and taking a swipe at the former WWE champion. To his credit, Rollins remained professional throughout and finished his promo while security intercepted the fan and forcefully dragged him away. It didn’t make live TV, but some fans in attendance captured the incident on video. It’s pretty crazy stuff, honestly. You can watch the videos below:

Crazed Fan Tries To Attack Seth Rollins on WWE Raw (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

Kudos to security for getting on that situation ASAP. And kudos to Seth Rollins for smoothly continuing his promo and finishing as though nothing were amiss. It’s the mark of someone who’s exceptionally good at what he does. It’s also the mark of someone who’s been through this sort of thing before, as all of the former members of The Shield have dealt with fan run-ins in some form or fashion.

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