Crazed Car Reviewer Tackles the Anti-Tesla, A Souped-Up DeLorean (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews is back with an all-new episode of Regular Car Reviews that serves as the completion of their DeLorean trilogy. This time, it’s a 1982 LS-Powered DMC-12. Naturally, it’s a car that’s way faster than a DeLorean was ever intended to be.

If you’ve ever driven a Tesla or even seen one being driven, the acceleration is something that a traditional DeLorean really couldn’t match. Hell, Tesla even pit their Model S P-90D against one in order to prove “that the car of the future is a Tesla.” But can a DeLorean really be upgraded to compete with some of the faster cars today? Can it really get that guttural exhaust roar, that throat-gripping pull of acceleration, or that time-blurring speed? Well, putting an LS motor in a car like this will certainly get you there, judging by this video. But is it a good idea? Well, find out for yourself by watching the new episode below:

Crazed Car Reviewer Tackles the Anti-Tesla, A Souped-Up DeLorean (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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