Crazed Car Reviewer Reminds Us That A Buick Century Means It’s Time For Church (VIDEO)

If I’ve learned anything from Regular Car Reviews, it’s that some cars just inspire a certain broad, sweeping generalization from appearance alone. Granted, it’s typically bad to judge a book by its cover, but the 1989 Buick Century almost makes it too easy.

In this video, Mr. Regular goes off on the baby boomer connotations of a car like this, and how it represented the comfort of understanding that the boomers had in the late 80s. The world turned “according to their whims”, and computers could be understood because floppy disks were actually floppy. For kids of this era, it’s a car “that turns Saturday night into a school night because you have Sunday School tomorrow.” In a sense, it’s a reminder that it’s time for church. Ultimately, it’s a car that’s a byproduct of a culture that routinely seeks the comfort of the known rather than the unknown, according to Mr. Regular. Not that there’s anything with that, really. We all tend to dip back into the nostalgia well from time-to-time. But how does the car actually handle? Is it worthy of all the nostalgia poured into it? Watch the video below:

Crazed Car Reviewer Reminds Us That A Buick Century Means It's Time For Church (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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