Crazed Car Reviewer Loses It Over Police Pursuit Vehicle (VIDEO)

This week, Regular Car Reviews is going one-on-one with a 2012 Chevy Caprice PPV (Police Pursuit Vehicle), as the internet’s resident crazed car reviewer essentially loses it right from the start.

But it’s pretty amusing stuff, since this is a noticeably different approach than the last time he reviewed a police vehicle. Granted, not unlike the Police Interceptor he reviewed, this review tackles some of the “older men sensibilities” that go into making a car like this, since its consumer appeal is found largely in the associations it inspires in the minds of the people who drive it. It’s an interesting approach to a review of a car that is, by Mr. Regular’s own admission, kind of a disappointment. But, as he says, “It’s a cop car. What do you want?”

Watch the video below:

Crazed Car Reviewer Loses It Over Police Pursuit Vehicle (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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